Crisis Response Team

If you are in crisis, and desperately need help, contact our Crisis Management Team.

We completely understand that owning a dog can be challenging, and sometimes things can spiral out of control.


We receive calls from people who are in crisis because of their dog’s behaviour, and it can be a scary and overwhelming experience.


If you’re dealing with a dog that has bitten or attacked someone, or is fighting with other dogs or individuals in your home, know that you are not alone.


We are here to support you through this difficult time and help you navigate through the crisis.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.

Call us 02 45 789 789 or email

Situations in which we can help are (but not limited to): –

  • *Collecting your dog from your home and transporting to our secure kennel, removing him or her if you or your family are in danger.

  • *Boarding your dog securely and safely when other kennels are not experienced or equipped to deal with your dog’s behaviours.

  • *Liaising between you and a third party such as council, police, or legal firm in which your dog may be in serious trouble.

  • *Collection, transport to and from the vet if your dog aggressive but in need of care.

  • *Collection, transport and care for your dog if you have been hospitalised.

Want to know more? We would love to hear from you and help you choose the right path. 

Give us a call Monday to Friday (9-5pm EST) on 612 45 789 789 or shoot us an email to

Dog Behaviourist Sydney

K9 Pro Head Quarters, Londonderry NSW 2753

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