Boarding Your Dog

We have a small boutique kennel located on our 7 acre property in
Londonderry NSW.

We specialize in providing a boarding facility for dogs that struggle
with behavioural issues such as:


·       Human Aggression (including dogs with a
history of biting people in the past)

·       Dog Aggression

·       Reactivity

·       Excitable Behaviour and Lack of Impulse

·       Anxiety

·       Separation Anxiety

·       Timid and Fearful Dogs

·       Everything in between!



While traditional kennels may not always be equipped to handle aggressive dogs, we pride ourselves on running one of the most successful board and rehab programs in the country!


All our staff are trained in handling aggressive dogs by experts, Steve Courtney and Rebecca Chin, and we have extensive safety protocols in place to ensure the well-being of both your dog and our staff.


We are also thrilled to welcome dogs that are not aggressive to stay with us as well!


Each dog is housed, exercised, and kept separate from other dogs at all times. We never mix dogs together, even if they are from the same household.

Our kennels are designed with security as a top priority, featuring floor-to-ceiling steel panels and mesh that are chew-proof, climb-proof, and escape-proof.

Each kennel run is spacious to allow plenty of room for each dog to move around freely, with an attached room for relaxation.

We provide the highest quality beds for your dog’s comfort, and our kennels are fully insulated for consistent, comfortable temperatures year-round.

Additionally, we have misting systems that can be activated on hot days to keep the kennel blocks cool.




Our exercise yards are designed with your dog’s safety and enjoyment in mind. They are enclosed with heavy-duty, nearly 3-meter-tall secure mesh to prevent any escape attempts.

Concrete pathways line the edges of the yards, further discouraging digging.

These spacious yards are fully grassed and covered with shade mesh, ensuring a comfortable environment for your dog.

Dogs are rotated in and out of the yards multiple times a day, allowing ample time for sniffing, running, playing, or relaxing on the grass.

In the summer, we provide water tubs for our larger breed dogs to splash and cool off.

Situated on acreage, our facility boasts a grassed training fields, a dam, and bushland, providing a natural and stimulating environment for your dog’s enjoyment.

Each dog receives personalized walks with our handlers, offering opportunities to swim and relax on the training field in the fresh air.

During walks, we use long lines to ensure that dogs stay close to our handlers, ensuring their safety while exploring the property.



Our standard diet consists of a raw diet that includes fresh beef and chicken, providing a nutritious and natural meal for your dog.

Additionally, we offer Prime100 rolls, including the Beef and Vegetable or Chicken and Vegetable varieties, at no extra cost during your dog’s stay.

These rolls offer a convenient and balanced alternative to our standard raw diet.

If your dog requires any other Prime100 roll varieties, there is an extra cost per day.

§  Kangaroo and Pumpkin

§  Lamb and Rosemary

§  Chicken and Brown Rice

§  Duck and Sweet Potato

§  Salmon and Tapioca

§  Turkey and Flaxseed

§  Wild Boar and Pumpkin

§  Kangaroo and Potato

If you do require one of these rolls to be fed to your dog during their stay, you can provide the rolls for us or we can order them for you.

If you require us to order a particular roll for you, please communicate this with our kennels team ( and we can then add this to your booking.  

If you would prefer for your dog to have their own food, you can of course provide your dogs meals and we will feed them the food you provide.

If your dog requires any medications, we will of course administer these for you at no extra cost!




Our mission is to provide a safe, secure, and nurturing environment for every dog in our care.

Building strong relationships with each dog is a top priority, ensuring their comfort and well-being throughout their stay.

For owners concerned about their dog’s adjustment, we offer a test board option (2 nights). During this trial period, we assess your dog’s behavior and provide honest feedback on their experience when you pick them up.

If you’d like to learn more or check availability, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Keep in mind we do book out in advance so please book early.

Please email or call our office Monday to Friday (9-5pm EST) 612 45 789 789.


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