Developmental checks for young dogs

Preventing behaviour problems in dogs is not only easier but also crucial for fostering a harmonious relationship between you and your best mate.


By implementing proactive strategies, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of issues such as resource guarding, aggression towards other dogs, people, or other animals from developing.


We work with a lot of aggressive dogs, if you don’t know of our work, here is a great list of videos to watch (click here)


Our developmental check service we offer is so that you will never need us to help with these issues in the future.


They are very simple checks and measures of your puppies development. 

We feel the best times to check your puppy’s development is around 6, 14, 18 and 24 months of age.


These appointments are very affordable as they are only 30 minutes long.

We run through some simple social tests with people and dogs, and environmental tests, and measure confidence and willingness to engage and investigate.


You will get a simple tick of approval that all is well or we will highlight what may be needed to help your young dog move towards better outcomes as an adult.


This is a very simple, non invasive check up to make sure you are on the right path.

We have never seen a dog get “Ticks of approval” at 6, 14, 18 and 24 months develop a behaviour problem in later life!


Do you have a dog under 18 months of age? You should be looking at this service.

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