Train the Trainer MASTERCLASS

Are you a dog trainer or want to be? Many people struggle to find the education they need to feel confident working with clients dogs.

There are some great courses available these days, and some not so great, but how do you take that information and put it into a live training session with the dog and or the client?

If that is you, our “Train the Trainer” Masterclasses may be just what you need.

These lessons are delivered by Steve Courtney and Rebecca Chin at K9Pro and also over Zoom between actual in person lessons.

They are private classes for you and you alone or should you wish to have a partner or friend attend with you, we can do that too.

We conduct these lessons in our private air-conditioned training room and on our 7 acres of private land.

Here we have on hand all the resources we need to help you learn the concepts of dog training, handling, and rehabilitation.

Lessons are theory and practical inclusive and you can ask as many questions as you like and its quite common to head down rabbit holes during the theory and practical sessions, so feel free to explore and ask what you need.

We will provide multiple dogs for you to watch and work with, to support your Masterclass topics.

You can also bring your own dog or a clients dog along if you like.

This is your chance to learn from highly experienced and successful trainers and get the inside track on how we get results.

No politics, just team work and progress!

Some topics we commonly teach are:

Learning how to deliver a lesson or consultation

Assessment and Diagnostic procedures

Business structure and charges

Teaching and listening skills

Safe handling principles

The concepts in which dogs learn best

Motivational concepts “Training in Drive”

Understanding Operant Conditioning principles

Reinforcement techniques and principles and why just giving food teats may not work.

Life Skills programs

Scent Detection principles and concepts

Rehabilitation topics – Aggression, Phobias, Management, Predation, Resource Guarding, Possession Aggression, Desensitisation, Counter Conditioning, Antecedent based intervention, Fear, Lack of confidence, Separation Anxiety and dependencies etc.

Advanced Heel Work for Sport and Demonstrations

Dog Sport elements – Positions in and out of motion, Stand, Sit, Heel, Down for points, Formal Recall, Rally, ANKC, IGP.

Recall programs that work with all dogs.

The list goes on and on, but the best part is that you can choose what you want to learn, to what level and we will build the course around your needs.


Is this what you have been looking for?


Contact us now on and we will get the ball rolling.

We will book you a Zoom with Steve who will work out exactly what you need and we can build the course from there.


K9 Pro Head Quarters, Londonderry NSW 2753

One on One

Private one on one consults to help you get the most out of every session

Available in all Weather

Fully insulatated, airconditioned training shed that can be used at all times, rain, hail or shine

Ongoing Support

Emailed personalised program and 8 weeks email support provided