Professional Coaching

Are you toddling along with no real direction, system or progress?


Want to know the answers, learn better techniques and concepts? 

Want your lessons to be focused on you and you alone?


Are you struggling to motivate your dog?

Do you think your dog is stubborn, or stupid?


Has your last 6 months shown no real progress?

If you answered YES to any of the above, let us help you.

We take on a number of people that we coach in Performance Dog Sports.

Steve is not a dog sport competitor, in fact he feels that if he was, that may provide a conflict of interest if he was coaching a person entering the same sport as he was.

As well as that, Steve’s Training In Drive System forms the foundations of many dog sports and working dog roles, including: –

  • *Rally O
  • *ANKC Obedience 
  • *IGP / IPO
  • *Scent Detection / Nose Work
  • *Agility
  • *Flyball
  • *DWD
  • *Herding
  • *Tracking
  • *Tricks
  • *Protection

Steve has developed and runs specific coaching programs that have proven to produce winners time and time again.

For Steve to be successful, he needs to make you successful.

Steve developed Team K9Pro in around 2008, and this team is made up of people that Steve began coaching and then invited them into his team.

Team K9Pro has more podium finishes, across more dog sports, with more breeds than any other group we know in the Southern Hemisphere!

Our Facebook page will show you weekly how many trophies, ribbons and wins the clients have that we coach.

We display their successes, not ours!

Whilst some people will come to see us for one lesson to sort out some niggly thing in their routine, to become part of our coaching system we aim to see you regularly so we can be with you every step of the way.

If you want professional coaching to take the guesswork out of your training, to get your training program working efficiently and get results, then lets get in touch.

This program should be considered an investment in your own personal development, we coach you to be the best you can!

Want to know more?

Are you ready to SUPERCHARGE your training?

Watch the videos below and just a few dogs from this year!

Reach out on 02 45 789 789 or