My philosophy on dog training and behaviour modification.

Philosophy to me means, sharing my thoughts, feelings, concepts, beliefs etc so that is the point of this article.



My job or goal is to help people with their dogs, a lot of my clients come to me for help with their dogs with behaviour problems, behaviour consultation is the largest sector of my work.


A close second are clients I coach to help them with their dogs achieve better performance. This can be competition obedience, bite work, scent detection, and other sporting and working roles for dogs and handlers.


The third group are often dog trainers who come to me for coaching, guidance, and mentoring and this is done through Masterclasses etc.

Finally, the last group have variable goals, anything from running my bringing a baby home course to temperament assessments and puppy selection and development and other things.


When I work with people, I don’t want to sound too complicated as most people just need help with their dogs, I truly want them to understand what I am trying to teach and or explain to them.


I am not trying to baffle people with big words to make them think I am smart.


But I am highly motivated to help people help their dogs do better, in any capacity.


So, for a dog trainer, where do the philosophies on dog training come in?


Well, they are much the same.


I want my communication to be clear, I want to advantage the dog by teaching them to follow my advice, and I want the dog to want to perform better to access reinforcement.


I put myself in the dogs position as best I can and figure out what would get me to want to change my behaviours.

If I were a dog, I would listen to me!


So, there is the base line.


Now, punishment, positive reinforcement, corrections, collars, tools?


Firstly, when you go to a trainer, any trainer that knows their craft, it is not wise to argue over terminology that you really aren’t across.


If you book a trainer’s time, you should know how they train, and trust them to do their best for you, using their experience and skills.


If you don’t know the way the trainer trains, find out before you book and be ready to train that way.


If you don’t trust them, don’t book.

It’s that simple.


I will be the first to admit that I will use any tool, method, concept, quadrant, or system that will help the dog and the owner get to a better place.


I am results focussed.

Tools, training aids, collars, food rewards, tug toys, clickers, balls on rope etc are just an extension of my communication with the dog and can often help owners communicate clearly with their dog when in the past frustration has invaded their communication.


I have never used a training aid or collar on a dog that ended with an owner telling me was harsh, cruel or other.


But you will read much propaganda on these tools from the brigade of “I have never used the tool but I know all about it”.


I know there are people that claim to be “Force Free”, I would never try and con (vince?) anyone into believing such a scam.


If you use a leash, you’re forcing a dog to stay with you, if you use food to train you are forcing the dog to do something or he or she will not get the food.


If you use a fence or a crate there is force being used to prevent the dog from accessing things they want.


I train the dog in front of me, that dog cannot be described by only breed, but temperament, education, experiences, and trauma, all form the dog in front of me, no two dogs are the same.


It is disrespectful to try and treat them as if they are.


I am heavily focused on getting my clients results, not trying to avoid certain training methods or tools I don’t like.


Years ago, I wrote an article called “How to choose a dog trainer.”


Since then, like many things I have written, others have written similarly titled articles.


I have read some of these articles to see what they recommend. I have seen people making many different suggestions, but I noticed one element that was in mine, they seem to omit from theirs.


Mine has “Expect Results”.


Now, it seems no one mentions results, they seem to promise everything but never allude to promising any results…


One would wonder why.


I believe the highest priority of working with a trainer or behaviour consultant is to get results.


Everything from methodologies, tools, costs, time, studies and other ineffective garb that doesn’t help you come way after results, or at least should do.


If you need help with your dog, it can be the smallest dog with the smallest problem or maybe that small problem is a big problem for you.


You may have a very big dog that could hurt someone, even you.


Maybe your dog lives in a constant state of fear, anxiety or emotion.


Maybe you have tried many sources but can’t get the help and results you need.


Maybe you don’t even know if your dog CAN behave better.


Your dog is on medication and still has the behaviour issues…


Well here is what I offer, I will work to help you, in whatever way you need.


My team and I are highly experienced at working with the toughest cases you will find anywhere in the world.


We have a mountain of evidence of success to stand behind. (RESULTS)


If you compete in dog sports, or want to, I have a stand alone system that I have developed over decades that had produces incredible results.


In fact a statement I make often is “I have produced more podium finishes, in more breeds, across more dog sports than any other group in the Southern Hemisphere!”.


Ever notice the sheer volume of dogs on our facebook page sitting in front of ribbons and trophies, they are all just from my performance team, Team K9Pro.


My foundation system will give you a platform to communicate, motivate and train your dog for any activity.


  1. Obedience
  2. Rally
  3. IGP
  4. Agility
  5. Flyball
  6. Nosework
  7. Herding

If you want professional coaching, this is what we do.


If you are a dog trainer, or want to be a dog trainer, you will find our Masterclasses offer some of the best and most effective functional teaching you will find.


We run practical and theory and we have connections with the best RTOs that offer certification.


When I coach a trainer, I want them to be the best they can be, to have the knowledge, experience and skills to deliver results to their clients.



A zoom with me gives me an idea of where you’re at and what you need to learn. I then design your course and share the topics with you. We tweak those and book the time.


You come to K9Pro and we get your course underway.


It’s no one size fits all here, it’s your course, your choice.


We deliver.



At the end of the day, dog owners are faced with many choices and decisions to make.


I am not a social media influencer that spends their days making cool videos.


I am not an extremist or evangelist who is locked into a tool or method like it’s a cult.


I don’t have a “one-way” approach.


I don’t get into politics against other trainers.



I train dogs and solve problems with dogs, that is my role, I am here to help you.