For over thirty years, Steve has dedicated his life to dog training, gaining unparalleled experience in various capacities, levels, and vocations.


He is committed to providing personalised attention to his clients and only works with a limited number of people to ensure his full attention and guidance.


Steve’s primary goal of this program is to mentor and guide aspiring dog trainers to become professionals with a strong ethical foundation and the necessary skills to excel in the field.


Steve is the founder and President of The Professional Dog Trainers of Australia Organisation (, an organisation he created to support, educate, unify and stand up for dog trainers in Australia.


Unlike other short-term courses, Steve’s training program is a long-term engagement.


He believes that training dogs is not just a skill, but a lifelong commitment. Therefore, he is dedicated to providing ongoing support and guidance to his clients to ensure their success.


If you are interested in Steve’s program, he will start by conducting a Zoom call to understand your needs and expectations and design a customized training program for you.


Get in touch with Steve today to take the first step towards a successful career in dog training.

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