Life Skills Course - Stay and Train

Whilst we have had our board and rehab programs running for a long time, we often get asked to work with lovely dogs that just need some “Life Skills” training.


Which really is just Obedience for pet dogs that makes living with them and going on adventures much more enjoyable for those dogs and their owners.


This short program is not for dogs that have behaviour problems such as aggression, resource guarding, phobias or serious fears, but it is great for dogs that are family pets, leash pullers, dogs that won’t recall etc.


Areas that we will be teaching in this program

  • *Loose Leash Walking
  • *Sit and stay
  • *Recall
  • *Place Training
  • *Crate Training

These foundational behaviours are extremely good for helping a dog develop and behave well in varying environments.

The Life Skills above will be taught in our private training room so your dog will not have to compete with other elements to learn.

They will then be practised around other distractive elements such as food lying around, toys, traffic, people, children, and other well-behaved dogs.

This course runs for 21 days and it will include a handover lesson at the end. You can book more lessons if you would like more guidance and education.

Dogs in the program will be given multiple training sessions per day, plus exercise on our 7-acre property.

They will be fed a nutritious raw diet (or you can provide your own food) and be bathed for their return home.

This short program is great for dogs upwards of 5 months of age right through to adult dogs of all breeds.

Perhaps you are going on a trip and this might be a great option for your dog.

We would never suggest that any dog can be trained to a reliable level, under all distractions, in 3 weeks, that is not feasible to place those expectations on a dog, but your dog will enjoy the training and will be able to demonstrate what he or she has learned in their course.

You will be given written programs and email support when you take over the leash.

Our services are highly sought after, so please understand at times there are wait times to access courses and services.

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