Legal Trouble with your dog

If you have found yourself in some legal trouble with your dog, perhaps we can help.

If your dog is about to be Declared Dangerous, Menacing or seized, we may be able to help, depending on the circumstances of course.

Steve has provided temperament assessments in hundreds of cases, given expert testimony and been able to provide liaison between parties when something has gone wrong.

Dog bites and attacks, council actions, legal cases and other aspects of dogs behaving in a manner that is legally concerning are all areas where experience often pays off.

A Zoom (Virtual meeting) may be a very worthwhile first step to discuss what has happened, what your options and next steps should be.

We often will follow this up with a Temperament Assessment in which we can deliver a report on your dogs behaviour patterns, temperament and what have triggered this event, and how it may be avoided in the future.

Councils are often keen to work with us to help dog owners work towards having a dog that is safe in the community.

If you need help, take action now. 02 45 789789 or


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