Bringing your baby home!

When couples fall pregnant, many have some concerns, some big some small, about how their dog will get along with the new addition.


Maybe a friend or family member has said that the dog needs to go!


Maybe you just want to be prepared or you’re a worrier.


Totally understandable, but these concerns and many others can be better understood by attending our “Bringing home your baby” course.


Not only will we run through all of your questions and concerns, but we can also assess the temperament of your dog and give you a program that has kept hundreds, if not thousands of dogs and babies safe since we started offering this program.


Steve is a father of three and he was also raised with dogs, experience with kids and dogs is essential here.


We aim for a transitional program that goes from before baby is due until baby is not a baby anymore.


This is very dog inclusive so your dog will not be left out either.

Many parents have concerns as they have seen dogs on the News biting or killing children, and soon to be mothers need to have a plan that they can feel safe and secure and know their baby is safe.


This course is a must!


Its just one  2 – 3 hour course and it can even be done via Zoom (excluding the temperament assessment component) if you live far away or can’t travel.


The very best time to run this course is as soon as you know your pregnant, and the second best time is now.


Even if your baby is born we can help you structure life to be safe.

Don’t leave it to chance and hope for the best, know what to do.


Want to know more? We would love to hear from you and help you feel safe, secure and confident.

Give us a call Monday to Friday (9-5pm EST) on 612 45 789 789 or shoot us an email to


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One on One

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Ongoing Support

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