Board and Train

We have one of the most successful board and train programs in the country!

We are often presented with highly aggressive dogs that have not improved even after a considerable amount of training with others.

Our Board and Train program is quite unique in its design, it’s a two phase program which we first take the dog and assess, teach, train, manage, and alleviate problem behaviours.

The most common programs are 5 and 8 weeks in duration, depending on the age, severity of problem behaviours and current level of training your dog has.

The second phase is “owner education” This is where we run a course for you to teach you all about your dog, how to handle, manage, motivate and maintain your dog’s newfound behaviour patterns.

This courses are 2, 6 and 10 hours long and carried out when your dog is ready to come home.

We start from where ever you are, and work towards developing you into a more confident handler for your dog. 

Whilst we start in our private training room, we are often working with you and your dog on our private 7 acre property, heading into town for a coffee with your dog and some other dogs, showing you how to take all of this in your stride.

Of course more lessons are available if you need them, but we try and give you all the educational tools you need to help you through the rest of your life!

Whilst you will miss your dog, 5 weeks is only 35 nights, its not a long time in reality for full rehabilitation, and the program doesn’t aim for that.

We want to be able to get your dog on the right road and help you keep him or her on it.

Actions change first, feelings change next” is a common statement in Psychology.

This means we teach and train your dog to display better behaviours at stressful times. Giving them more resources to draw from when they feel pressure or stress.

Your primary role will be what we call “your dogs advisor“. You will be giving your dog advice on which behaviours are best in what situation.

This is why we need to have you on board with the handling.

We are being truthful with you here, there is no such thing as sending your dog away to be fixed.

35 nights is a very short time to change a lifetime of practicing a behaviour. 

When we have dogs stay for lounger programs, dogs can go through much longer periods of reinforcement, habituation and routine and have these new behaviours become deep seeded habits.

Those are extensive programs and they are upwards of 26 weeks and are unnecessary for most people, but for those who want more of a “finished dog”, this option is available.

Board and train lets us “live” with your dog, experience what your experiencing, in our safe and controlled environment.

We are eliminating your dogs access to the rehearsal of undesirable behaviours with management, environment control and training techniques.

We also feed your dog a nutritious raw diet to remove all chemicals and preservatives from your dogs diet to eliminate any complications they may add. We are also delighted to share what diet we have used and provide you with ongoing resources to keep your dog healthy.

We have large exercise yards for free exercise and also on leash and long line on our private 7 acre property.

We have two large dams which many dogs just love to swim in.

We assess your dogs health and medical condition and advise if attention is needed, many dogs that are human aggressive have not been able to attend a vet for quite some time.

Sometimes years due to safety concerns, this is not ideal but understandable. But we can take your dog to our vet and handle this consultation safely.

We also of course bond with your dog, learn to understand them and begin our rehabilitation program.

We use all four quadrants of the Operant conditioning principles as necessary, determined by your dogs temperament, motivational aspects, values and expectations for rewards etc.

We are “Results Based” trainers who train each dog as an individual.

Your dog will work with several trainers to ensure that your dog knows how to work for more than just one person.

We work through stages with your dog, starting in our private, air conditioned training room which is safe, secure and absent any unpredictable triggers.

This gives your dog the very best chance to learn without trying to balance an outdoor environment with the messages we are teaching.

As your dogs skills and ability to regulate their emotions improve, gradually other elements are added to the training sessions such as other people, dogs, other animals, bikes, balls, toys, food and cars.

Again once your dog becomes comfortable in those situations, we proceed into public areas to work your dog in environments that you will be heading to.

This is a full service program in which the results are internationally renowned.

Each dog is trained and goes through a process that is uniquely designed for them, you, and their temperament.

All of the programs are designed by K9Pro owner and Nationally Accredited Behaviour Consultant, Obedience Trainer, Law Enforcement Dog Trainer, ANKC Registered Breeder and President of the Professional Dog Trainers of Australia, Steve Courtney.

They are then implemented by Steve and Senior Trainer Rebecca Chin.

We of course have trainers / walkers that once the dogs are over their more serious problems, these staff members handle the dogs, giving feedback to Steve and Bec.

Steve oversees the whole board and train program.

Going home…

It is highly likely that the home environment, how you live with your dog and the external influences contributed to the behaviour problems your dog had.

Rather than trouble shoot this when problems arise, we design you a program that will help you manage, teach and train your dog in ways that will not provide endless opportunities for your dog to rehearse the old behaviours.

Depending on your home environment and relationship previously, there may be a lot of changes, or very few.

We also have custom programs that work more intensely on behaviour and training, these range from 2 weeks to 18 months.

Here is a great blog article to help you determine if this program is right for you, help you develop the correct expectation of the program.

Please read this article so you know exactly what the program provides.

If you have not worked with us previously, that’s ok! We encourage you to start with a Zoom consultation, so you can meet Steve, ask any questions you need to and feel comfortable trusting us with your dog.

The cost of the Zoom will be taken off any program that you book 🙂

We know how much your dog means to you, we know sending your dog away will be hard, perhaps one of the hardest things you will have to do, but this about giving you and your dog access to a better life, more freedom and safety.

Want to know more? We would love to hear from you and help you choose the right path. 

Give us a call Monday to Friday (9-5pm EST) on 612 45 789 789 or shoot us an email to  

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