Behaviour Consultation

A Behaviour Consultation is an in person appointment in which you will come to our facility and we will meet with you in our safe, secure, air-conditioned, purpose built training room.


These are private consultations with you and one our highly experienced specialists in which you can get real answers to the problems you’re having.

We are heavily solution focused, no blame, no shame, just help.

Steve Courtney is a Nationally Accredited Behaviour Specialist, Law Enforcement Dog Trainer, Dog Obedience Trainer, Registered ANKC Breeder and President and Founder of the Professional Dog Trainers of Australia.

With over three decades of experience spanning many countries of the world, you won’t find better. 


Rebecca Chin, mentored directly by Steve for over 15 years is our senior trainer. Bec is highly skilled and experienced with even the most challenging dogs.


When your dog is displaying a behaviour problem, such as aggression, fear, anxiety, guarding, separation anxiety, phobias, predation, husbandry issues such grooming/nail trimming issues, it is imperative to get an accurate diagnosis.


If you do not discover the root cause of the behaviour, you may simply be treating the symptoms. That is not going to provide a long term solution.


We have so many people travelling from all over Australia that have been told their dog should be Euthanised! That their dog can never be in public, will always display these behaviours, is mentally ill and other damning diagnosis.


We work with this dog and very often, we find the diagnosis and treatment offered was totally inaccurate for this dog.


We diagnose and explain what we see, and owners often agree with us right away, then we begin working on a program that will modify these behaviours and the root cause/s.


The majority of our clients come from referrals from vets, other dog trainers, previous clients, councils, groomers and kennels and we work with the referrers if you wish.


In the Behaviour Consultation, the process often involves these elements:

  • *Meet and greet the dog/s and owners
  • *Discuss the dogs behaviour and the owners thoughts
  • *Learn about the history of the dog and owner
  • *Learn about the dogs health, diet and exercise regime
  • *Hear any additional concerns
  • *Observe the owners handling and dogs responsiveness
  • *Take the dog on leash and socially engage with the dog
  • *Test and assess the level of training the dog has
  • *Ascertain the dogs social value for unfamiliar people and dogs
  • *Risk assessment
  • *Begin training some functional skills to test the dogs intelligence, learning ability and thresholds to reinforcement and stress
  • *Explain to the dogs owner what we feel the root cause is
  • *Explain the training and behaviour modification process and begin teaching the owners how to work with their dog/s.
  • *Design the program and send this to owners to follow on with at home
  • *Recommend follow up schedule to achieve success
  • *Monitor progress

Behaviour problems with your dog can have detrimental effects on relationships.


Your relationship with your dog. Also, your relationship with family members and friends can become strained when your dog is acting out, limiting your freedom to leave the home or limiting who you can have in your home.


Know that 99% + dogs can improve dramatically with training and behaviour modification, yes this includes yours!

If we could give you one piece of advice it would be this as soon as you see a behaviour problems developing in your dog, it would be

“Get help now. The longer that your dog rehearses these behaviours, the harder they will be to change.”


We work with all breeds, of all ages, with all behaviour problems in all situations, we do not turn any dog away, regardless of the severity of the problem.

  • * Aggression – Human – other animal – owner
  • * Phobias – Fear, Storm, Noise, Environment.
  • * Separation Anxiety – Dependency
  • * Resource Guarding – Possession Aggression
  • * Territorial guarding of home
  • * Fears and Anxieties
  • * Unexplainable Behaviours
  • * Husbandry issues – Grooming, nails, medication.
  • * Nervous, fearful dogs that lack confidence
  • * And other undefined behaviour problems.


Behaviour consultations are generally up to 2 hours long, (sometimes longer) and include a written report that is sent to you afterward.


A written training program is also designed for you and forwarded to you if applicable.


Working with a Behaviour Consultant is like having a therapist for you and your dog.


We know that people need to feel comfortable discussing these situations and the right person that you can identify with is important.


We offer the opportunity to have a Video or Phone Conference prior to booking, so that you can ask any questions and get a feel if we are right for you.


Many people uptake this option and when they come for their in person consultation, they feel comfortable having met (virtually) previously.

Want to know more? We would love to hear from you and help you choose the right path. 

Give us a call Monday to Friday (9-5pm EST) on 612 45 789 789 or shoot us an email to


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